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Yoga Festival Ascencion

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Yoga Festival Ascencion

dates: 22 tm 23 april 2017

(Classes may be subject to change)

A new Yoga Vibe, straight from Goa India, with local and international teachers, who give quality classes from ancient knowledge into modern times practice. We serve quality food, this time MAIA will serve lunch and we can enjoy the nice authentic Landhuis Ascencion and its mountenous surroundings and beautiful views. 

You can choose between 8-10 classes a day all on donation basis and there are some shows and we do music in the afternoon and night! 

You can stay over or you can visit 1 day

Price: 50 Naf (incl. lunch, drinks, fruits)

Yoga Classes: 

Adriana Munoz: Moving Meditation. Yoga with headphones: It’s a flow focused on breath. The student is taught to connect breath with movement. Sound off enhances the experience and helps take you to meditative state.

Janina Charles: Duo Dance Yoga

Leticia Duran: Vinyasa & Acroyoga basics

Vin Millarson: Power Yoga an intensive class, based on body and mind workout for more flexibility, endurance and energy.  Yin Yoga: Low impact yoga, you stay in a posture for 3 min to strenghten, deepen and relax the body. a class for all levels. Slack-line Yoga: a stripe between 2 points, for a better balans, concentration, body stability, breath and it gives a lot of fun. 

Pauline Prinsen: Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga

Mind Work: 

Melinda Domacassé: energy healing by awareness of processes in the mind and body

Milou Lindeman: Mindfullness: A guided meditation where you give full attention to all parts in your body, your senses and your breath so you can enter in a state of bliss and totall happiness


Vin gives Thai Yoga Massage, delightfull and deep. Also Deep tissue massage check his website vin-von.nl

Pauline Prinsen: Footmassage

Phuri Suiters: aura healing massage

Baukelien Schrantee: energy work with stones and healingswork

Madi Martha: totall body massage: a combination of relaxmassage, stressrelease and stimulation of circulation

Janina Charles: deep flow massage, also 4 hands possible


Sleep over possible: 50 Naf a night incl breakfast. (max. 20 persons)

Pay before 18 april to: MCB: 17925810, M.S. Lindeman Penstraat 103 Willemstad tav. Yoga Weekend Ascencion 2017

More info: call 5193299 or mail: info@fysiolindeman.com or see W: vin-vol.nl






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