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Zwangerschaps Yoga

Each week positions and movements address posture and circulation, pelvic floor strength and awareness, and general strength and tone of muscles throughout your body to enhance your overall health and comfort. This deep but gentle bodywork helps you develop physical strength and suppleness; an essential combination for birthing and motherhood. Breathing, essential to life and birth, is the core of the pregnancy classes. Regular attendance at the classes will help you to develop confidence in your body’s innate ability to give birth. The class is infused with preparation for labour and birth, incorporating intelligent, gravity-assisting positions and movements. These provide great comfort, keep the baby well-oxygenated, and potentially make birth easier, faster and uncomplicated. 

The class include:

  • Yoga
  • Relaxation
  • Breathing awareness and sound
  • Pelvic floor education
  • Information about pregnancy and birth
  • Preparation for labour and birth through yoga
  • Partner training

Pregnant women doing yoga

Pregnancy classes offer a safe, effective and integrated form of yoga, carefully adapted for you to practice from the moment you know you’re pregnant up to the birth of your baby. 

Partners are welcome is a specially designed class, where they can learn all the assists they can give during labour.



The class is on Tuesday evening from 7.15-8.30 pm in the Penstraat 103 (doors open at 7pm, class starts 7.15pm!)

price: single class 15 Ang; 60 Ang for 5 lessons; 100 Ang for 10 classes. info by phone: 5193299 or by e-mail: info@fysiolindeman.com


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